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Quality ensure

1.Our company has a dedicated quality inspector, who will do the first inspection, and then will conduct random inspections from time to time, the number of random inspections is 20%.

2.We have professional inspection tools, including weld seam measuring instrument, weld seam flaw detector, paint film thickness gauge, spiral micrometer, vernier caliper, etc.

3.We can provide customers with the company’s internal quality inspection data, including the material list we purchased, the weld inspection report made by ourselves, and the component inspection report.

4.We can provide customers with inspection reports issued by third parties, such as: raw material inspection, high-strength bolt inspection, etc

5.For the protection of the finished product, we will wrap all the end plates and supporting connecting plates with sticky cloth to reduce bumps during transportation. Small parts and standard parts are packed in wooden boxes to reduce the loss of loading and unloading.

6.We can also receive SGS inspection and loading supervision.